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The Inter-American Dialogue, International IDEA, and the Organization of American States (OAS) have convened a working group designed to analyze democracy in Latin America with a focus on two themes: the current state of the rule of law in Latin American democracies, and the OAS Democratic Charter as an instrument for defending democracy. The group has met twice in Washington, in January and in May 2010, for discussions led by OAS secretary general José Miguel Insulza, Dialogue senior fellow Genaro Arriagada, and IDEA regional director for Latin America, Daniel Zovatto.

The group’s mission is to: (1) establish a network of individuals and institutions engaged in the analysis of democracy and multilateral institutions; (2) produce policy analysis on the limitations of the Democratic Charter, why it has been so rarely used, and what can be done to improve it; and (3) develop and promote recommendations about what would be necessary to engage the collective forces for defending and strengthening democracy in the hemisphere. For more on this initiative, please see the original proposal.


Summary Report of the Second Meeting, May 24-25, 2010. Full report to come.

Report of the First Meeting, January 21, 2010.


Commissioned for the second meeting of the working group on democratic governance sponsored by the Inter-American Dialogue, International IDEA, and the Organization of American States.

"Carta Democratica: Presente y Futuro," by Diego García-Sayán. May 2010.

"The Accountability Function of Courts: The Cases of Argentina, Chile and Colombia (1983-2006)," by Roberto Gargarella. May 2010.

"¿Como evaluar democracias que no son liberales?" by George Gray Molina. May 2010.

"El constitucionalismo y las nuevas democracias plebiscitarias latinoamericanas," by Patricio Zapata Larraín. May 2010.